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Wheeler Institute: Screening

«You are a young adult integrating the Benjamin Wheeler Institute after his ability came out. In this center of reinsertion you will learn how to manipulate you ability and how to contain it, through training and psychologic rendez-vous. You’ll also meet the other residents, and maybe will you find someone special?»

Wheeler Institute: Screening is a Visual Novel (VN) with anthropomorphic characters  with extraordinary abilities in a 2000-like universe.

This is a project about differences and relationships.  

Incoming updates:

August 2019: Release of the demonstration
January 2020: Update of the demonstration (feedbacks)
 September 2020: Next update
 March 2021: Part 2 (delayed)

- ??? 2021: Part 2

Last Devlog:

  • Big new : the institute’s visit !
  • Trigger warnings make their apparition : not used yet in game, they’re still available in the options. 
  • Reactions after each dialogue are here (to configure in the options). For a more realist experience, you can still deactivate them. 
  • For a better immersion : new visuals
  • We suppressed some very useless choices (yeah we KNOW you’re not dumb so… We adjust !)

We’re aware some bugs are still here in the mobile version : it’s a deliver with our apologizes ):

We hope you’ll enjoy this update !! Next one will be part two (: 

To be fixed:

- Unable to rename your character in mobile version


Q: Is this game adult or not?
A: It's a 16-rated adult oriented game, yeah.

It's totally SFW for the demo and there might be erotic scenes in the future, but no heavy NSFW !

There is strong language involved, and there will be violence (hits, blood, suicide, killings etc...) but we intend to implement Trigger Warnings for such routes. The demo only involves strong language (some puns involve weed, too)

Q: Are there any gay routes?
A: Yes, there are. We'll add more characters later to explore those routes !

Further questions may be added if asked...

Waiting your reactions on our Discord Server !


From France with Love !

Oryl & Ed, Ze Wheeler Team


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Wheeler Institute: Screening - v0.2 - PC 393 MB
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Wheeler Institute: Screening - v0.2 - Android 407 MB

Development log


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Loved the game and can't wait for future updates. Will the other playable characters be added in the next update?

(1 edit)

Not for the next update, sorry. It requires for us to rewrite all existing parts in a different way for each new playable character + new arts, and we're currently working on the next part of the story.

But we'll inform you when we're working on this!

Thank you very much for liking the game ♥

Something I noticed about the android version is that it would repeat dialogue. Nothing big just a couple of lines. Love the game so far!

(2 edits)

May I ask you where it happens more precisely and which dialogue? It'll help us to fix it :)

Thank you very much!


I can’t seem to choose the characters gender 


I believe male is the only one available currently, with the additional options coming in future updates.

It's this exactly, thank you (:

Can we still expect update release soon or has it been delayed?


Hii ! 

Thank you very much for your interess, a news is just on the way !


Just funny that in May it is my mother birthday. Lol


His bug wings on his head would be great fans if he could flap them like bugs, just a shower thought I had

He totally controls them ! They're part of his body like everything else !

Phew, thank you for that. Gotta find cheap and effective ways to cool off, and having him as a friend would be a savior in the Summer!  (also the smoke makes me think of cartoons where smoke comes out of their ears when they're mad lmao xD)

Eyy, merci pour le jeu amusant! L'histoire est vraimainte amusante lire et j'ne peux pas attender pour la prochaine mise à jour. 

Aussi avez une bonne journée Edrakan et Ruby (ou mourrezzzz >:000 

Pas de soucis, merci pour ce retour super sympa !! Ce sont ces commentaires qui nous motivent à continuer !!


Thought the title was Wheelchair Institute. Will play the game and leave a review later. 


It's... Not but we had a good laugh reading that : D Please do ! We hope you'll enjoy the demo !


This is honestly one of the better ones I've encountered. No non-sense, straight to the point, recognizable and interesting characters. I really love the art style and the writing is very well put together. Honestly, the only thing I can even critique about the work so far is the occasional typo, but they are far between (I think I only saw maybe one or two). Awesome work, definitely donating. 

Thank you very much for playing and for your awesome review, it makes us really happy ! We hope you'll enjoy further playing it !!


when the next update will be avalible?


March 2021 ... as stated above


Ok, thank you :D

Delayed to May

(2 edits) (+5)

Can I be a male character and only romance other male characters? :3


Yes, totally !

(6 edits) (+4)

Yay! Oh I love this visual novel a lot! I hope the guy from the reception desk will be dateable, he is super cute. And I hope the doctor will be dateable too


Eheh thank you ! 

Can't say a thing... (:


is there any male love interest


Yes ! They'll appear on the next segment of the game !


thx  for info also i love the game i hope u continue to do a great job and create games just as wonderful like this game 

Thank you very much for your kind comment and support !! <3 We're still working on it ! Next update around september !

you're welcome 


Is there any transgender men and women?

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)


No, at least in the main characters : to be honest we thought about treating the subject but the story is actually pretty complicated and we feel like we're not informated enough not to make any mistakes about it. 

It's totally part of the things we wanted to talk about, but we finally chose not to in sake of the quality of the final product (and our lack of knowledge).

Thanks for your interest !


Is May 2020 update coming soon? It is already June :3

By the way, nice VN. It has catched my attention.

Hii ! 

Thank you very much for your interest and kind words ! 

Indeed we weren't able to make a version for May, and it'll be postponed for some weeks. We'll make a news next week about it with more informations about how much we've done and what we still need to do !

Great. Thanks for the reply :)


The creative premise and art style pulled me in so fast. Safe to say I'll be looking foward to every single update.

Hoping for some nice Gay routes OwO


Thank you very much ! We hope to meet your expectations ! <3


This game is FANTASTIC! Such gorgeous visual, the story gets you engaged right away! UI is so polished, i couldn't believe it was ren.py based! I look forward to seeing where this project goes! Are you still accepting donations on paypal?

(1 edit)

Thank you very much for your kind words ! <3 It's really warming us up ! 

Yes of course, here it is : https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8eWyNiomRl
Thank you very much again !!

(1 edit)

Is this game adult or not?

(1 edit)

Hii ! 

It's totally SFW for the demo and there might be erotic scenes in the future, but no heavy NSFW !

There is strong language involved, and there will be violence (hits, blood, suicide, killings etc...) but we intend to implement Trigger Warnings for such routes. The demo only involves strong language (some puns involve weed, too)

It's an adult oriented game, yeah

Deleted post

Definitely yes! ;3

Deleted post
Deleted post

It depends the situations. But in the case of the main character, yes he must.

is there 18+ scenes , and is there guides?

(1 edit)

I'm not sure August 2019 is upcoming

Maybe it's not clear, we will move them ! 

August 2019 and January 2020 are our pastly anounces (and cleared !) deadlines ! May and August 2020 are the upcoming one (:

(2 edits)

I want to know before I play, is this novel nsfw or has any nsfw elements?


It's totally SFW for the demo and there might be light sexy scenes in the future, but no heavy NSFW !

Something is wrong with the Android version. When I get to the rename screen, it doesn't work, is it a big or something?


hii ! 

Ty for your message, we'll look into it and get back to you !

Do you have more informations about the problem ? Does it freeze or quit ? Can you go throught ? Are you stuck ? 

Ty for your feedbacks

nothing froze, more like it was stuck in the same scene, I could still rename the character but it wouldn't let me go back or continue

alright ! We reproduced and are working on it, ty for telling us !

no problem


very fun, cant wait for full version, def joining the discord